Halloween has come and gone. The clocks have been set back to “regular” time.

Fall is in the air.

Christmas decorations are already in the stores.

For all of us in rescue, my Christmas wish is we find loving homes for all the abandoned, homeless, owner surrender pets that come through our doors between now and December 20th.

I know it’s an audacious goal and we most likely won’t all reach it.

However, if one or two rescues achieve the goal it will let all of us know it is possible.

29 dogs/puppies will have arrived at the Buddy Center in Castle Rock by the time you’re reading this blog.

What we do know is the average stay for a PAAS Dog is 4 days from the time they go on the adoption floor until they walk out the door wagging their tails and headed to a new home.

Soooo that’s 29 who will have a Merry Christmas.

Looking back, I could never have imagined we would save 4,000+ dogs (some cats) in a 3-year span.

My original goal was to adopt 500 from the PAAS shelter per year.

So as of today, that would be 1,500.

Instead, we changed direction, developed a new plan and never lost sight of the big goal – a home for every dog and cat that comes through our doors.

Two years from now I hope pet overpopulation and transport has improved the lives of all rural dogs and cats in Oklahoma.

It is feasible; it is possible, and it is very much a part of my Christmas wish.