Saturday July 29th, we held a microchip clinic at the PAAS Shelter in Vinita from 8 am to noon.

Thankfully, the weather was perfect (for July).

It was heart-warming to pull up to the shelter a little after 7:00 and see four vehicles parked – with their pets – waiting for 8:00!!!!

We weren’t really sure how successful it would be.

It far surpassed any of our expectations – 55 pets were microchipped.

There was a steady flow of pet owners with big, small, happy, scared dogs and a few cats (in carriers).

For most of the dogs, they were reasonably calm – but a few, as they got close to the exam room door, put on the brakes as if to say “Nope, not going in there”.

Thankfully they did – – they were microchipped and, if they get lost, it will be so much easier for them to find their way home.

An example is a dog that was lost on the runway in Dubai – 4 years ago

Amazingly, she survived – was turned into the Dubai animal control – and the chip reunited her with her owner.

If you go to the PAAS Vinita facebook page – scroll down to July 31st posts – you can see the happy reunion video.

When you work in the world of rescue, it is sometimes hard to see the bright side of pet ownership during the day-to- day challenges we face.

Watching the pet owners reactions as their pets were “chipped” made all of us smile.

It was also fun to see the many different dogs (and a few cats).

All sizes, all breed look-alikes and a few registered pets were here on Saturday.

Yes, we will have one again in the spring.

If you live inside the Vinita city limits and would like to know more about our Pets for Life program (that includes microchips) call Lacee at 918-240-7950 for details and information.