When people walk through our door, looking for a pet, they are often somewhat offended when we explain we are a transfer station.

Each Tuesday night, 25 to 40 dogs/puppies/cats/kittens make the overnight trip to Dumb Friends League in Colorado.

Soooo I asked the following rescues/shelters for figures and I got some background as well.

You do the math – there are lots and lots and lots of homeless pets in this area waiting for YOU to adopt them.

The total? Over 300.

Yes – absolutely – there are dogs/puppies/cats/kittens waiting for their forever home within driving range of where you live.

Please, please call them – look them up on Facebook – and find the perfect pet for you.

We are all in this together – and together we can win!!!

So……3,500+ homeless pets have found forever homes in Colorado thru PAAS.

And 300+ are waiting for you to adopt them – right here in Northeast Oklahoma.