December 2014 – PAAS was getting closer to opening the doors.  Building was completed in April 2015. The vision, supported by the mission statement, said thousands of Oklahoma dogs and cat would be adopted locally.  We tried – but over population made adoption an “obsolete” word.

December 2018 – PAAS has played a key role in 4,000+ homeless Oklahoma dogs/cats finding a forever home in Colorado thanks to our partnership with Dumb Friends League.

Looking Forward to the next 4 years – this is what I (the executive director) see as possible for PAAS.  Working with our Oklahoma partners and our unique partnership with Dumb Friends League and the HSUS Pets for Life program we play a key role in the Kirkpatrick Foundation’s  SAVELIVES UNITEOKLAHOMA initiative (90% live release rate for dogs and cats in municipal shelters). It’s possible – a statement I would never, ever, have imagined, let alone put in writing and have it published.

It has become a reality for PAAS.  Vinita is our base and here’s what we’ve accomplished.  108 homeless Vinita dogs came to PAAS from the municipal pound and found a home in Colorado for the entire year of 2018.  More than 1,000 spay/neuter surgeries were performed for Vinita pets through our Pets for Life program. Working with the Vinita Animal Control Officer is a win-win-win (the pet owners, the homeless pets and the Colorado adopters).   The Vinita municipal pound does not euthanize for space. That’s a statement all municipal shelters want to achieve. Please understand, no shelter is No Kill.   The goal is No Kill of Adoptable.   

Rural Oklahoma shelters can achieve the Humane State criteria – – we see it happening with our partners and it is exciting.  

Looking forward:  PAAS is a transfer station and spay/neuter clinic (in the works – will keep you posted).  We are a resource for all our partners and that will expand this next year. The best is yet to come – – for homeless Oklahoma dogs and cats, for PAAS and our partners.  Stay tuned.