Much has been accomplished since we first opened our doors at PAAS in April of 2015.

It was January 2014 when I became the first Executive Director for PAAS.

For the next year, I did research, watched the construction slowly begin to take shape, visited with other rescues, talked with rescue professionals and prayed.

April 2015, we officially opened our doors and the flood began – not of people wanting to adopt a dog or cat – but people wanting to surrender dogs/puppies and cats/kittens.

By late June – we were full – 50+ dogs, 50+ cats and virtually no one coming through the door to adopt.

Plan B began.

We started transporting out-of-state to Cheyenne, Wyoming and Denver, Colorado. It was chaotic, emotional, and physically draining on all of us.

March 2016, we agreed to a partnership with Dumb Friends League in Colorado. It took a while to get the kinks worked out and a system established.

The staff spent considerable time establishing a system that worked – and the success was due to our veterinary technician – Rhonda Norris and her staff.

Then the word spread and suddenly we had partners from throughout the state willing to follow the Dumb Friends League protocol and our requirements.

Today 15+ municipal shelters and 501©3 rescues are a part of this success.

More than 2,000 dogs (and a few cats) have made the trip to a new home in Colorado. It is organized, orderly and no longer chaotic.

We also began a Pet Over Population program for income qualified pet owners within the Vinita city limits.

In addition, we also started in inmate/shelter dog training program at the Northeast Oklahoma Correctional Center. A program that I strongly believe in – and have seen the positive results from experience with the program at the Lexington Prison.

In April 2017, the HSUS Pets for Life program became a part of PAAS. It is the most comprehensive, life changing, program for pet owners I’ve seen.

And, first hand, I’ve seen the love people have for their pets and the relief in their eyes when they can have their pet “fixed” so there will be no more puppies or kittens.

While our name is PAAS (Peaceful Animal Adoption Shelter) – – we are PAAS – the animal resource center for Vinita (and expansion is planned for the entire 74301 zip code, Craig County and beyond).

Stay tuned – – the best is yet to come – – a direction that works, saves lives, reduces pet over-population through comprehensive spay/neuter programs and gives dogs a second chance under the guidance of an inmate trainer.

We’re more successful than we could have ever imagined.

Please join us by volunteering and/or contributing to our important work. We rely on private donations and receive no government funds.

Go HERE to make a financial contribution – and we Thank You!