This is a personal blog about my life with Her Highness – – Princesa – – a white poodle who came from Venezuela with my youngest son and his family.  Like Sugar, Shelby, Biscuit, Pepper, Rangy, Pierre and a few more – – Princesa started out as a member of the family – ie one of my children’s pets – – and became my dog.  

She came with an attitude and it has defined who she is, how she tolerates no other dog and still hasn’t learned to not engage a cat – – even though she’s lost every time.

She’s now 15 years old, a little slower, lots more cranky and determined that she gets what she wants – when she wants it – – no matter the fact she just “got it” 5 minutes ago – – food, going outside for bathroom relief, a treat, attention, a lap so she can snore – – she does that really well.

I know she’s teaching me to be patient – – which is what I’ll expect from my family – – when I’m old – – really old.

In the meantime, she will look at me in complete disgust because it is obviously not going to quit raining – not even for her highness.  She will give me the “eye” until I get up and get a treat for her. She will stare at every bite I take as though I’m depriving her of life giving sustenance.

The reward is she will snuggle up next to me on the couch;  expect me to go to bed when she’s ready; snuggle up next to me on the bed; ride shotgun every chance she gets; greet me as though I’m the Queen every time I walk through the door.

Princesa and I have been through a lot together and we still love each other.  Living with Her Highness has been an adventure….and she’s one lucky girl to have made it from Venezuela to a royal castle.