I received good advice from a colleague.

He reminded me that, in the world of animal rescue, we are running a marathon – not a sprint.

For several months we’ve been sprinting – at full speed. It’s been exhausting, rewarding and an eye-opener.

Now we’re on our first marathon.

Keeping the faith in Animal Rescue

We have a plan that we can execute, we’ve found the first step in the solution of pet over-population (transfer out-of- state) and, for Vinita it is working.

15 months ago we had 50+ dogs in our kennels (needing a new home), 100+ owner/surrenders on a waiting list. In addition we had 50+ cats and more than 150 on a waiting list.

A new direction had to be found.

Today, we transport 25 – 50 dogs out-of- state every Tuesday night. And, frequently the dogs on transport are not from the Vinita pound nor owner/surrender.

They are homeless dogs from other 501©3 organizations.

It’s proof that we’re running a marathon, we’ve kept the faith and we’re making a difference.

We have a three step plan in the works.

Step one has been implemented.

Step Two is low cost, affordable, spay/neuter for income qualified pet owners.

Step three is a comprehensive spay/neuter of cats – – – lots and lots of cats.

All of these programs require funds from caring people who believe in our mission, see the results and provide the financial support.

When you give – you save a life and play a key role in helping us run the marathon and keep the faith.