In this heat (which will just get brutal before long), keeping cool is important for us and our pets.

The more difficult challenge is to Keep Your Cool when dealing with other people!!!

Rescue is not for the faint-hearted and, all too often, our passion or compassion spills over into our words when confronted with a situation that causes our blood pressure to rise and our ability to Keep Cool is severely challenged.

When we do manage to edit our words before they escape our mouths – or the keyboard – progress has a chance.

It is one of the hardest traits to master – but the results can be amazing.

All too often, especially on social media, one person takes something either out of context or is overly passionate and does not agree with what’s been posted.

When that happens, so much damage can occur – to those involved in the situation and, sometimes, even the animals everyone is trying to save.

The most difficult realization is we can’t save them all – – – at least not yet.

Progress is to save as many as possible.

That’s the hard part when someone is either in your face, screaming at you over the phone and/or on a rant on a facebook page.

It helps if you take a deep breath, say nothing and let the silence fill the air.

If you’re an admin on a facebook page – delete works.

As the thermometer races to 100 – tempers flare – animals need rescue – and you are in the middle of a huge misunderstanding – – – please, please Keep Your Cool.

Hard to do – but it helps find a solution.