Kansas was a very sick Chihuahua. She belonged to Chris who had terminal cancer.

Kansas -Chihuahua Rescue

A rescue angel – Donna, arrived on the scene.

Kansas struggled for two weeks and won her battle – she was healthy – so she could return home. Chris’ final wish had come true. His face lit up, he was so happy to be with his fur baby again.

Sadly, cancer won the battle with Chris.

When they started to look for Kansas, they could hear her – but couldn’t see her.

Kansas was so desperate to get to her owner, she had clawed a hole in the bottom of the mattress and crawled up inside.

Kansas was lost, she missed Chris dearly.

Oklahoma Alliance for Animals (OAA) had promised Chris they would find a new home for Kansas.

She’s 14 years old – they wanted her golden years to be just that – golden.

It does take a village – and she’s now with her final village people (no they didn’t sing YMCA).

She joins Dharma, a dachshund who loves everyone and Reese who understands there’s a new kid in the house.

She’s in a house filled with love, kisses and tail wags.

It’s why we rescue.