We’re in the middle of March Madness – – for all those who follow college basketball.

So many times, there’s a Cinderella team that comes from nowhere and makes it to the Final Four – – ie Butler a few years ago.

PAAS has a winning team that is second to none.

Their official titles are:

  • Veterinary Technician – Rhonda
  • Kennel Technicians- Mike and Craig
  • Office Manager – Marilyn
  • Office Assistant – Mary
  • Gal Friday – Avis

Working like a well-oiled team – some of their hidden talents include: handling animal emergencies, understanding electrical systems, mastery of details (so vital), great people skills with the public when someone is mad, scared, angry and demands the impossible.

March Madness in Animal Rescue

I’ve seen them rescue dogs in horrific situations, love on dogs that were so scared they peed on them, climb the roof to fix stuff, understand the workings of complicated equipment and keep it running, come in early, stay late and go more than the extra mile to get a job done.

Next are our birthing center volunteers (Tom and Vicki plus Candy).

Wow – there’s no way to adequately tell their stories.

Anytime of the day or night, no matter where we need them, they go.

Scared momma dogs, scared pregnant dogs fixing to be mommas, tiny dogs afraid of everyone, grumpy dogs that become lovable, unique dogs that need a special home.

Truly an essential part of our team.

As the Executive Director, I’ve watched them pull together to answer a call for help, drive long distances, have fun playing jokes on each other, solve misunderstandings and always, always, they can be counted on.

Like Butler in the NCAA, PAAS has a winning team. I couldn’t be more proud!