The last two weeks have been a complete blur. Thursday, the 5th of May , was an example.

The phones were ringing off the hook, our kennel technicians were working on getting the van ready to leave for Denver that evening, volunteers were in the conference room sorting/filing lots and lots of paper, I did a podcast with a former colleague, there were two meetings on key issues, a cat was adopted, a new employee was learning the ropes.

While all of this was going on, the animals were fed, exercised, kennels were cleaned, dogs were walked and the shelter was spotless.

One of the first compliments we receive when someone walks through the front door is “It doesn’t smell like a shelter”.

Early in the morning – – you couldn’t say that, but within two/three hours of walking through the door, the staff has fed/watered the animals, let the dogs outside to exercise and go to the bathroom, started the never-ending laundry and super-cleaned the kennels. They work hard and it shows.

There is mounting evidence of the emotional toll on those who work in rescue.

Every day, we make tough decisions. Most of them have happy endings – – but not all.

You have to have compassion to work in this field, but if you’re not careful you will lose sight of where you are and the mission of your organization.

And, too often, passion gets in the way of compassion.

They are different emotions and the results are rarely the same.

When I was faced with a difficult decision, a good friend asked me “Do you want to be right”, or “Do you want to make the right decision for your company?”

The latter was the correct decision to make – but boy oh boy did I want to be right!!!!

I’ve used that guideline thousands of times in my life, and on only a few occasions were they in sync.

The rest of the time, the best decision was Do you want to make the right decision for your company?

My hats off to everyone who works in rescue.

We’re all in it together and, at the end of the day – – – Holy Moly – – we’ve made a difference!!!!

Oh, and you see this picture? – – They’ve all been adopted in Colorado!!!!!!

Dogs from PAAS adopted in Colorado