There is more good news than bad news – and journalists will tell you bad news sells.

Yet we recently have seen that good news sells as well.

In the midst of tragedy, everyone came together (on an international level) to save 12 soccer players and their coach.

The news stations kept us up-to-date as the amazing rescue happened.

Then we went to Facebook to see the latest lip-synch by police departments.

Every one of them has been fun to watch – and other organizations have joined in.

It’s good news – it brings a smile to your face – – it sells.

Remember the Ice Bucket challenge – good news for a good cause.

So….if we would work together to save animals – agree to disagree (privately) and build the momentum, the results would be life-changing and, who knows, we might make the NEWS.

Yes, I’m saddened by the ugliness I read on Facebook as it relates to rescue.

We all do it differently – we all do it because we care – and we can all encourage each other, help with suggestions and possible solutions.

I don’t know, maybe we need a group to come up with a really cool lip-synch that would lift our spirits, build bridges, encourage all of us and save more lives.

Stay tuned.