My friends and colleagues will confirm I love what Facebook can do to help all of us in rescue.

It also helps people find lost relatives and friends; someone to do a specific job; and keeps us connected in a wonderful way.

That’s the good.

Sometimes, however, it seems things can get way out of hand and one impression becomes a horror story and Facebook posts go crazy.

When this happens, it reminds me of a stampeding herd of horses – – – get out of the way – – they’re running at break neck speed and you can/will get trampled.

Translated – what is said is not always accurate and the resulting damage is ugly.

Of course, there are the Oh My Goodness times when a simple request or need is posted and a few messages later a solution is discovered and everyone can smile who had a hand in getting the word out.

Most frequently at PAAS, it is a pregnant or new momma who needs a safe place.

I like #1 and #3 – – #2 keeps adding white hair to my head – – soon it will be completely silver and I will have earned each and every one – – trust me.

As the eternal optimist, I will continue to focus on #1 and #3 – – and when #2 rears its contentious head – I’ll try to stop the madness before it does irreparable damage.

Too many times, when I’ve received a desperate “plea for help” – I’ve gone to the source and found out the dilemma has been resolved.

Here’s what can help – when you see a story that tugs at your heart or gets your blood boiling, track down its origin, be sure it is accurate – then follow the posts.

If progress is made – great.

If it becomes a “let’s bash the begeebies out of someone” (or something), don’t feed the fire unless you have an answer that can help.