One of the hardest challenges we face is “we can’t save them all”.  We understand this intellectually and from a realistic point of view.

Every so often, though, we find ourselves stopping everything to save “one”. rescued dog

This time is was Charlie and it took the PAAS Village to accomplish the feat.

Charlie came to us from the Vinita municipal pound.

Amy brought an older, tired, matted, hungry dog to PAAS.

These pictures tell the horrific condition he was in.

Rhonda and Tina spent the next few hours lovingly getting rid of the matted fur, calming him down, and evaluating him.

Then he went to the PAAS retreat/resort (Richardson/Rexwinkle Birthing Center).

There, Vicki made sure he had food, water, a warm (heated) bed and lots of love.

He’s slowly regaining his strength, his faith in humans and yes we saved him.

He would not have survived much longer – he was cold (low body temperature), wet, hungry and afraid.

Do we wish we could save all of them – – that’s the dream for everyone in rescue.  And, we save as many as we can.  And, sometimes, we get to stop, save the one in front of us, and then move on.

During the holiday time, when family, friends, traditions fill our lives, too often we also have to face the harsh reality of homelessness as it relates to dogs and cats.

We can’t save all of them – but many times we can save the one that needs it the most.

Look at Charlie, imagine the terror he felt.  No one had cared for him in a long, long time.  He’s old, his teeth are bad, he’s wet, cold, hungry and homeless.  

Remember all of us who work in rescue – – we save lives.

Saving charlie