There are days (lots of them) when most of us in rescue prefer pets to people. It’s easy to understand – – for us. An example follows.

The Animal Control Officer received a call about an injured dog. The dog had literally given up and was lying in a parking lot.

He brought the dog to us – yes it had bullet wounds, its gums were white (anemic) and was covered – – completely covered – in fleas (probably explains the anemia).

His wounds were treated and he was given the routine intake exam and medical care.

dogs and cats animal abuse

He was terrified but when you looked in his eyes you could see a dog that just wanted someone to care.

He walked a little wonky from the pain medication, but an hour later his tail was wagging and he was smiling – yes smiling.

We have a happy go lucky dog that just entered are Canine Good Citizen program at the Northeast Oklahoma Correctional Center.

Yet, on his side is a huge scar because someone threw acid, of some kind, at him.

He’s forgiven the human and is willing to give another human a second chance. Not sure if most of us would be that forgiving – and certainly not that forgiving that quickly.

Yes, there is scientific proof that there’s a connection between animal, spousal, child and elder abuse.

When we overlook abuse in any category, we’re overlooking the consequences. People who beat animals are more likely to beat children, spouses, or the elderly.

I do not want to think of the consequences for someone who shoots an animal. We just know there is a connection and it isn’t a good one.

We won’t quit saving dogs (and cats) and making sure they have a chance at a good life.

And we won’t quit caring when we’re crying, mad, angry and disgusted at the humans who abused an animal who has no voice.