I don’t mean perfect no flaws, but manageable reality that brings a smile to my face.

We’ve been open 2 years and 1 month.

Our direction is different – but it is working and the options for homeless/unwanted dogs and cats is improving.

We’re not to perfect, yet, but I can see “manageable reality” down the road.

Two years ago I didn’t even want to look down the road.

From my point of view – these are the components of manageable reality for most of us in rescue.

  1. Low-cost spay/neuter programs for those who are income qualified. Thanks to grants we now offer this program to the outlying areas around Vinita that include Bernice, Disney, Ketchum, Langley, Cleora, Welch, Pryor, Miami, Fairland, Afton and Bluejacket.
  2. A long-term investment in the community to help all pet owners keep their pets, be sure they are “fixed” (spayed/neutered), and up-to- date on shots. Thanks to a grant from Pets For Life, this is a manageable reality in Vinita. You will see our little van sprinting around town on a mission. If Lacee (Pets for Life representative) knocks on your door – she really is there to help!!!
  3. Expanded partner relationships with municipal and 501©3 rescues. The system is simple, the protocols are reasonable and the outcomes are wonderful. Our dogs (and occasionally cats), arrive at Dumb Friends League in Denver or the Buddy Center at Castle Rock and, within days, are in their new homes. The pictures and stories we get validates the success.

Two years ago I would have never imagined this journey.

Fortunately, we were open to new ideas and solutions, the Board of Directors was supportive, the grantors understood the value of the programs, and we’ve developed a system that works.

Frankly, Mark Zuckerberg has no idea how much help Facebook is for all of us in rescue. It keeps us connected and provides a platform that is easy to navigate.

So – we’re close to the manageable reality. And that feels good.

PAAS is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), organization. Donations are tax-deductible; checks may be mailed to PAAS, P.O. Box 491, Vinita, OK 74301 or by credit card HERE.

For more information, call (918) 256- 7227.