Each week 25 – 40 homeless animals come to PAAS on their way to a new home in Colorado.

Part of our mission is to save thousands of homeless pets each year and we do.

To date, 3,500 homeless pets have found new homes in Colorado.

This week, as an example, we have 22 dogs and 4 cats headed out to new homes.

When I walk through the kennels on Monday and Tuesday (and it’s very hard to do because each dog looks at me with that “are you the one who’s going to take me home” look), I know they’ll soon be in a new home.

They have no voice … and all they can do is trust the humans who put them in crates, drive them to another place, unload them, put them in a kennel, then once again they’re loaded into a crate for a long (overnight) trip.

When they arrive at Dumb Friends League, they are met by lots of smiling, caring people and if they’re “fixed” – will most likely be in a home by the weekend.

I never cease to be amazed and humbled by the incredible trust the homeless pets display as we work tirelessly to save as many as possible.

In a perfect world, we would have people coming through our doors wanting to adopt.

We quickly learned in 2015, it isn’t a perfect world.

So, we have found the best solution to help the homeless dogs and cats find their new home.

This program will grow and, by next year, we will have two transports per week headed to Dumb Friends League.

We never envisioned a “hub” would be the best solution. It is and it is amazing.

Go to our webpage (www.paasvinita.com) or our Facebook page (PAAS Vinita) to follow the great adventure. Donations provide the funds for this important work.

We’re a 501©3 and they are tax deductible.

For the animals, Kay and the PAAS Staff and partners. We’re making a difference!!!