Last week I saw too many comments on why the Eagles shouldn’t be in the Super Bowl because of Michael Vick.

He’s not part of the NFL and the 2018 team should not be held accountable for the actions of someone who is no longer a player.

The more difficult subject – right now – is the 2018 Olympics in Korea.

Boycotting because of the dog meat farms will not lead to making a change.

What will help is $$$$ donated to those organizations who are boots on the ground.

It takes $$$$ – salaries, airplanes, travel expenses, crates, veterinary services – – on and on.

You can significantly impact this practice by supporting those organizations who are doing the difficult tasks in front of them.

Each of us has our own “barometer” when it comes to who is an acceptable adopter and what solutions are the most practical.

It works when we acknowledge the differences and agree to professionally disagree but work together.

And, if someone did something goofy or ugly in the past for a shelter or rescue – cut them some slack.

No organization operates perfectly and none of us live a perfect life.

I tell people I do not always agree with family members, I rarely agree with any politician and frequently do not even agree with myself.

Rescue is emotional, challenging, rewarding, sad, happy and everything in between.

Always remember, though, the homeless pet just wants a home.

They are not concerned with a standard of living or cleanliness – – they want to be loved, cared for and give affection in return.

Forgiveness helps all of us.