When you work a puzzle, all the pieces, when they’re put together, form a picture.

In rescue, you can eventually find all the pieces for your puzzle, but all too often they are scattered across a wide area – they are not within a logical distance.

Fitting pieces together in rescue

Since January, 221 dogs and 41 cats have found new homes in Colorado.

Rescues and shelters in Oklahoma from Poteau, Pauls Valley, Wynnewood, Bartlesville, Tulsa SPCA, Oklahoma Alliance for Animals, 3 Girls, Sapulpa, Vinita Municipal Pound, Mena Arkansas and Owner Surrender were the puzzle pieces that worked.

When you look at a map, the rescues are scattered, but purpose, love, hard work and connections result in a puzzle of success.

Learning to work together has been challenging, sometimes hilarious, but always worth the effort and time.

We know when one of our vans heads to Colorado on Tuesday night that not only will it come back empty but all the dogs (and cats) will have found new homes within a short period of time.

For those rescues and shelters who are willing to sit down, put differences aside, and work to change the landscape for homeless animals in Oklahoma, progress is made.

Social media is one of the key puzzle pieces that can make the process work.

But the biggest challenge is getting passionate, caring people at the table.

The first puzzle is what rescue looks like for PAAS today – – the pieces are all there, just not as connected as they could be.

The second puzzle would be the perfect world of rescue.

We’re cockeyed optimists who know the first one works and believe the second one is possible.

When you help any/all of us financially, your contribution plays a key role.

We thank you.