The original goal for Facebook was to connect students on a college campus.

Today, Facebook plays a key role in saving the lives of thousands of homeless dogs and cats – one post at a time.

If you’re looking for a specific type of pet – go to Facebook and type in a breed.

If you are part of the huge, underground, pet transport/rescue – you belong to multiple Facebook sites.

A shelter or foster-based rescue – the go to place to stay connected, fix problems, find solutions – your Facebook network.

For the transport side of PAAS, Facebook plays a key role in making the right connections.

We have a closed group for the rescues/shelters who are our partners – 25+ and growing.

Each week they provide the pictures and information via this page.

That information can then be viewed by our receiving partner, Dumb Friends League.

The really cool part, though, is when the dogs (and sometimes cats) arrive in Colorado.

On our PAAS Vinita page, you will see pictures of each animal as it arrives in Colorado.

Yes, they sometimes look scared – but then so would you if you’d been put on a van and had no idea where you were going or what was going to happen.

Each week, within 24 hours – or a maximum of a few days – the 30 – 40 + plus homeless pets have new homes.

Here’s where Facebook plays a key role for us.

A volunteer (Patti) with Dumb Friends League posts individual pictures of each arrival on the PAAS Vinita page.

Then our volunteer (Vicki) follows the guys and gals as they come up on the adoption floor.

And, she identifies their rescue or origin.

Now, all of our partners can follow their rescues and know when they have been adopted!!!!

It doesn’t get much better for all of us – – thanks to Facebook!!!!