This past week, PAAS played a key role in saving Miss Genny and her puppies in no small part because Mark Zuckerberg and friends developed the online social network used by thousands of us in rescue, every single day.

Who would have thought that a Harvard student’s desire to connect socially would become the life-saving link for all of us.

Thanks to Facebook – Vicki’s determination to save Miss Genny and her 5 puppies – her husband, Tom, who drove and drove and drove – – Miss Genny and her babies are at Candy’s – the perfect place to recuperate.

Puppies at PAAS

I remember the “good ol’ days” when it took lots of hard work, research, letters, faxes and phone calls to achieve a complicated project like Saving Miss Genny.

Good or bad, in today’s world it took many hours on the computer, phone calls and a willing driver and it was accomplished in a manner of hours.

Except for the driving, everything else was done by text, voice mail and emails – no make up, hair fixing, go- to-work attire required.

I’ve personally found Facebook to be a great stay-in- touch tool with family and friends.

The major challenge is to either tune out or turn off the rhetoric when it gets completely out of control.

For now, the good so far surpasses the bad, it’s worth the aggravation.

And, when all else fails, you can unfriend or block someone with just a tap on your computer.

Yes – I enjoyed the good ol’ days – but I am a fan of technology – especially as it relates to human connections.

And, if Miss Genny could talk, she would say Thanks, Vicki, for reaching out, connecting the dots and saving me and my babies.

Mark Zuckerberg – thanks for Facebook.

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