The picture below shows our “transfer” board.

Somehow, when people actually see the board, they are amazed.

PAAS transport board

Then I realized a face with a name is equally important.

So, here’s how quickly a dog can be homeless in Oklahoma on Friday, come to PAAS on Monday or Tuesday, ride all night to Colorado and have a home within the next 10 days.

And, it happens every week….just like clockwork.

They arrive at PAAS scared and leave for their new home either from the Buddy Center in Castle Rock or Dumb Friends League in Colorado.

We’ve been doing this regularly since mid-2015.

It runs so smoothly – – now.

At first it was highly emotional, lots of people helping and confusion reigned supreme.

Over time we got the bugs ironed out and now three people can load up to 35-40 dogs in just 30 minutes.

It is truly magical to watch – and I stand out of the way.

So carefully – look at the smiling faces below, starting Upper Row…left to right…Sparkle (Sand Springs); Rose (Pauls Valley); Frank (Stephens SPCA).

Bottom row…Peaches (Sapulpa Furry Friends); Miles (Prison Program); Elizabeth (Enid SPCA).

Rescued and transported dogs PAAS

Working together we’ve saved so many more than we could have working independently.

For us, this is the right first step.

It isn’t for everyone and we understand that.

The next step – and long term the most important – is spay/neuter.

If we could find/identify/contact an Ellen DeGeneres/Dr.Phil/Miranda Lambert type person and they would support massive spay/neuter – for 3 years – – it would be magical.

My dream is to find that person or persons – and they agree to pay the difference between co-pay ($10.00) and the veterinarian charges for every municipal shelter and 501© foster based rescue that are the PAAS Ride-to-Rescue, Oklahoma partners.

I can dream.