Last week I was in Austin, Texas for the Collective Impact Convening Conference.

A long name, an interesting experience, and a new way of looking at solving problems, building coalitions.

There were 700 attendees from 45 states and 6 countries.

For those who’ve been in the military, they understand teamwork – – just go to youtube and type in: army teamwork to climb a wall.

They get ‘er done.

Of course, one of my favorite “team building” stories is The Miracle on Ice – 1980 Winter Olympics (on youtube) and last Collective Impact (on youtube).

Different processes, same effect – changes are made, problems are solved and progress is possible.

We’ve seen it happen with our programs.

Transfer/transport – – every Tuesday night – – headed to Dumb Friends League in Colorado.

More than 2,500 homeless pets have found a new home in a new state with a new family.

Colorado residents wait for our van to unload and, within hours, we see scared dogs become happy dogs as they go to their new home.

It isn’t what we’d planned for – but has been more successful than we could have ever imagined.

March Madness just ended and, for a while, some teams were living the Cinderella dream and teamwork propelled them forward.

There was no Cinderella winner this year – but it was exciting.

Talk to anyone who’s gone through boot camp – – they get it.

Without teamwork, they would never, ever, make it and get that first stripe on their sleeve.

Collective Impact takes this teamwork concept to a new level and the results are amazing.

Significant problems/challenges are resolved; people who normally do not work together – do – and the results are tangible.

So at the end of the day – – Teamwork, Collective Impact, Military training – – it works….it really does.