Saturday was the Back to School Bash for Vinita Public Schools.

It was PAAS first time to participate and we’re so glad we said “yes” when asked.

First, Shannon Baker and her crew were outstanding giving us advice, picking up some of our donations for the backpacks.

When I walked in the door Saturday morning, I was blown away.

Lots of volunteers, everything was organized and the line outside of eager students and parents was long, very long.

It’s my understanding that many churches and civic groups came together to have one Vinita Back to School event.

It works – – it really works!!!!

By our count, we handed out 400+ folders to students, talked with lots of parents and had the opportunity to either hand them Lacee’s card – if they lived inside the city limits – so they could get their pets “fixed”/get vaccinated/ provide needed services.

Or, if they lived outside Vinita, they received Mary’s card to learn about our low-cost ($10.00/pet) Pet Over-Population program.

For me, the look of relief on the faces of some of the pet owners when they realized there was help available gave us that “feel good” sensation.

So collaboration works – whether it’s Back to School Bash in Vinita; Pets for Life and Pet Over-Population for Vinita and the surrounding area or the PAAS Ride-to-Rescue transport programs.

All are built on collaboration and all of them are making a difference.

Nothing beats teamwork – on the field or off – – it just doesn’t.