I have trouble wrapping my arms around the fact that the word “collaboration” seems to be a foreign concept for many people.

In rescue, I sometimes think it is not a part of our vocabulary.

More than 350 rescues/shelter personnel attended 1 of 5 workshops sponsored by the Humane Society of the United States.

It was encouraging to see familiar faces as well as new ones when we attended the event in Tulsa.


The information was invaluable and one of the key concepts presented by each presenter was collaboration.

I came away with renewed hope. Not unrealistic pie-in- the-sky hope, just hope.

Many people got it. They will be the ones who will save more animals, embrace change, build coalitions and see tremendous changes in the world of rescue.

Thanks to social media, the internet, and cell phones it is easy to reach out, connect and watch the magic happen.

What absolutely causes me to stomp down the hall and vent my frustration are the scenarios that unfold when you’re talking with someone and they suddenly dig in their heels, cross their arms and say “yes, but”.

From there on – it is a lost cause and the reality is fewer animals will be rescued, and/or have a new home.

As the PAAS staff will tell you, when we’re faced with a difficult decision the first consideration is the following:

#1) Do you want to be right


#2) Do you want to do the right thing?

Most of the time #2 is the correct answer. #1 is the preferred answer – just not the correct one.

We’ve found many wonderful partners to help us and we will continue to reach out to shelters and rescues.

I just hope the word collaboration becomes as popular as the word “like” which is liberally scattered throughout young people’s conversations.

Okay – – I’m off my soap box. Stay cool in this hot weather.