These are the lucky ones: Bitsie, Shorty, Franklin, Sally Mae, Ozzy, Sassy, Hooper, Tina, Paco, Batman, Scout, Spencer, Grinnie, Honey and Squirrel.

These are some of our partner rescues/shelters: PAAS (us), Pauls Valley Municipal Pound, Washington SPCA (Bartlesville), Oklahoma Alliance for Animals, and Altus municipal pound.

All of the above dogs have a new home and all of our partners will be bringing us more dogs (and sometimes cats) to make the trip to Colorado.

At this holiday time of year, many puppies and kittens will be under the tree and by January 15th , many of them will have found their way to a local shelter or rescue.

Thankfully, for us and our partners, we have a safe place where they can go – it’s just one very long ride in a heated/air conditioned van and then Happy New Year – there are people waiting for the PAAS Van to arrive so they can find their new pet.

It will be Christmas Magic – that will happen after the New Year.

As you read this another 20+ dogs and lots of kittens/cats will have arrived and probably found a new home.

It will be Christmas Magic.

Here’s a few who made the trip and now have a home: Bitsie, Shorty and Franklin.

Merry Christmas – –