In 2015, one month before we broke ground, Rhonda joined PAAS as our veterinary technician and our journey to building a team in animal rescue had begun.

For the next 4 months, we worked out of an office on Wilson while they were finalizing construction.

In April, we were open!!!

Sometimes you just hit the jackpot – and we did with Rhonda.

She’s an outstanding veterinary technician, a team player, and loves challenges.

Over the past 2/12 years, she has implemented (and manages) our weekly transport to Colorado, our inmate/shelter dog training program at Northeast Oklahoma Correctional Center and the implementation of the HSUS Pets for Life.

And, yes, she has other things on the horizon.

Mike fixes everything – – I do mean everything – – high pressure stuff that scares the begeebies out of me, oversees maintenance of our vans, drives transport when needed, manages all the kennel cleaning, feeding/watering/exercising of dogs, cat condos, and ensures the building is clean, smells really good (which is unheard in the world of rescue) and oversees our kennel technician, Doug.

Avis takes care of the bookkeeping, bill paying, checks, reports, anything/everything related to money.

I spend lots of time asking for info and she always has it at her finger tips.

She started working for us in a different capacity, but when the job became available – she stepped up and is doing a great job.

Mary answers the phone – and on any given day it will range from funny to sad to you’ve got to be kidding me.

She listens, offers help, provides information and works closely with Rhonda.

It took them awhile to figure out what/how information needed to be communicated – but they’ve got it down.

Lacee is our go-to- person for Pets For Life – the most comprehensive program I’ve seen for helping people keep their pets in their homes, provide basic veterinary care and the opportunity to have them “fixed”.

She’s been welcomed with open arms by the community and surrounding area and she’s truly making an impact for pets.

PAAS has a winning team I couldn’t be more proud of – and if you know any of them – please tell them “thanks”.

As a journalist said to me – In the world of animal rescue, Vinita is the little town that does it right!!!!

Yup – – we’re working hard to get ‘er done right.