Hi, we’re Eartha and Ellen.

People tell us we were part of a litter dumped under a culvert.

We felt really, really bad and it was discovered we had parvo.

Only Eartha and I survived.

We were cared for by Lake Area Pets and like all siblings, wanted to stay together.

Ludie and crew really tried to get us adopted for a long, long time – in the Grand Lake area – but it just didn’t happen.

So when we were one year old, we were able to hitch a ride on the PAAS Ride to Rescue bus.

We really hoped we’d get to stay together, but knew the odds were stacked against us.

Guess what????

In just a few short days we found a home together in Colorado and we get to be siblings forever and ever and ever.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words – so here goes. (Picture is above)

The first picture is when we were found, the next two are of us – – Thanks, Lake Area Pet Society, PAAS Ride to Rescue and Dumb Friends League (whatever that means).

We have a home together!!!! It just doesn’t get any better.