Astrid means beautiful goddess and yes, the first picture does not say beautiful goddess.

Here’s her story: Astrid rescued pit bull

A kind lady found Astrid. She was too weak to walk and covered with ticks.

She contacted one of our partner rescues, 3 Girls Animal Rescue.

Thanks to lots of TLC from her foster mom and great veterinary care from Mountain View Animal Clinic, Astrid fought her way back from emaciated and lifeless to gorgeous, loving, amazing, and precious.

I know the last statement is true, she visited us on Monday when 3 Girls Animal Rescue brought her along for the ride.

I saw the gorgeous, happy Astrid with wagging tail who just wanted to love everyone.

3 Girls Animal Rescue says she gets along with other dogs, loves human attention and just loves life!!!

You can see the gratitude on her face – – I did. Astrid - pit bull rescue

Astrid now needs to find the perfect forever family.

Yes, she is a blue pit bull – -70 lbs of tail wagging love.

Her breed will make it more challenging – – but someone is out there looking for a beautiful goddess.

3 Girls has that goddess – – her name is Astrid.

Contact them via Facebook (3 Girls Animal Rescue).

Pit bulls get a bad rap, are too plentiful in Oklahoma and, sadly, are one of the two top breeds that will be euthanized each year because there are not enough pet owners who want to adopt one.

Yes, Astrid got to me.

Yes, she deserves a home.

No we can’t save them all, but once in awhile you have to save the one you just met – – Astrid did that.

Look at the pictures.
Want to see happy faces – – go to our Facebook page (PAASVinita).

Like 3 Girls Animal Rescue, we’re a 501©3 non-profit.

Astrid after healing