I recently responded to a Facebook question, on a closed site, regarding the salary for 3 positions at PAAS.

The response validated what analysts have said for a long time.

Employee turnover is expensive – – ranges from 30% (entry level) – 75% (skilled hourly).

We’ve had 0% turnover this year – no one is working a second job to just make ends meet – morale is amazing (we’re in animal rescue – – morale is always a factor).

And, with a staff of 7 – 4 full time and 3 hourly – to date we’ve accomplished the following:

  • 1,200+ Oklahoma dogs (some cats) have found new homes in Colorado.
  • 800+ pets in rural Northeast Oklahoma have been “fixed”.
  • In the 74301 zip code, 475 pet owners now have access to basic veterinary care for their pets (including spay/neuter).
  • For those who have a Tahlequah address, 154 clients, 183 pets have been “fixed”.

As the Executive Director, I’m very proud of the PAAS crew.

Our facility is always clean, everything mechanical – heat/air, plumbing, vans, building upkeep, lawn, flower bed – immaculate, Pets for Life clients – happy, Pet Over Population clients – grateful, municipal shelter and non-profit rescue personnel – appreciative, the public – – most of the time – – amazed.

In simple math terms – if you pay someone $7.00/hr – they have to work at least two jobs.

Which means they’re always tired, always looking for something better and, honestly, do not always give you $7.00/work per hour.

However, pay one person $13.00/hr and they’re always looking for something to improve at their workplace, do not have to work a second job, are more than willing to go the extra mile to get a job done and turnover is a minor challenge.

An equally interesting fact was that for those who paid well and/or had benefits that, when added to their pay gave them a good foundation, the animals benefitted as well.

Shelter life is extremely stressful – – happy employees make a difference.