Someone came up to me after a meeting and said they couldn’t do what we do – rescue animals – because they would want to keep all of them.

Dogs Eyes

Most of us develop a coping skill so we do not become hoarders and, for the most part, we all have some dogs (or cats) that just get to our hearts.

It recently happened to me when two beautiful big dogs with soulful eyes came through our doors.

I looked into the eyes of one on the examination table and it seemed as though he looked through my eyes and into my heart.

Yes, it’s why I’m in rescue – to save homeless dogs and cats.

I also know I have to be careful to remember the big picture – not just the animal in front of me.

I walked out the door, came to my office, sat down and then had to go back to see if he was okay.

He touched my heart – – I’m glad he did – – and I will celebrate when he finds his new, forever, home.

It also helped, today, because two people came to thank me for the work PAAS is doing.

All of us, collectively, are making a huge difference.

Kinda like religions, we all have a different way of saving the homeless, but at the end of the day/week/year we know we’ve made a difference and it matters to each and every animal who came through our door.

Soooo, when you see someone wearing a rescue t-shirt – – – thank them.

It will bring a smile to their face and give them assurance that their efforts are appreciated.

And if you can donate funds so we can buy dog food, cat food, kitty litter, toys and medicine that is awesome.

All of us are dedicated, sometimes a little wacky, adults who are drawn to this work.

We are a special breed of our own.

Animal Rescue When I Look In Your Eyes