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Saving Ella Mae

If you follow PAAS Vinita on Facebook, you will see a “happy” post from Vicki regarding Ella Mae’s adoption… will have to scroll back several days – but worth the effort. As I looked through all the comments, I had to...

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Our Personal Doggie Day Care

In the corporate world, as a consultant, I learned the importance of the little things that will keep a good employee or send them running out the door. My first mentor told me to keep a jar filled with candy (mostly chocolate)...

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The Best Is Yet To Come!

We recently celebrated our second anniversary. So it is time to reflect back and look forward. Two years ago, we opened the shelter. Our expectations included lots of people coming through the door to adopt a dog or cat. Our...

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Puppies, Puppies and More Puppies

Let me set the stage. Our momma dog/puppy fosters are: Tom/Vicki and Candy/Sarah. They are an awesome team and, because of their dedication, momma dogs have a quiet place to give birth, nurse, teach, train and love on their...

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