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Getting Closer To A Perfect World

I don’t mean perfect no flaws, but manageable reality that brings a smile to my face. We’ve been open 2 years and 1 month. Our direction is different – but it is working and the options for homeless/unwanted dogs and cats is improving. We’re not to perfect, yet, but I can see “manageable reality” down the road. Two years ago I didn’t even want to look down the road. From my point of view – these are the components of manageable reality for most of us in rescue. Low-cost spay/neuter programs for those who are income qualified. Thanks to...

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5th Class of PAAS Dogs Graduates From NOCC in Vinita

Story by Denton Thomason – first appearing in the Vinita Daily Journal May 5, 2017. The companionship of man’s best friend can have a life-changing effect for Oklahoma inmates serving time. That bond was on display in Vinita on Wednesday, when the fifth class of dogs from the Peaceful Animal Adoption Shelter graduated from a basic obedience training program at the Northeast Oklahoma Correctional Center. The innovative program, which pairs hardluck shelter dogs with inmates, trains them in basic obedience commands so that they can be successfully adopted out to their permanent homes. The dogs live with their inmate...

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The Goal – Fixin’ To Get Them Fixed

For those who live outside Vinita – but within shouting distance (see list below), PAAS has a program to help low income individuals get their pets spayed/neutered (fixed). Thanks to the support of the Flint Family Foundation and PetSmart Charities, pet owners can have 2 pets fixed. The cost is $10.00 per animal.  If you live in the Bernice, Disney, Ketchum, Langley, Cleora, Welch, Pryor, Miami, Fairland, Afton or Bluejacket area – that works. To qualify you must show proof of income. Once you qualify you pay only $10 for each animal. Spay/Neuter services are provided by area veterinarians....

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PAAS Awarded Mentorship and Training Grant from The Humane Society of the United States

Peaceful Animal Adoption Shelter (PAAS) is proud to announce that it was awarded the Pets for Life Mentorship and Training program grant to provide direct, hands-on community outreach in Vinita. The program is sponsored by The Humane Society of the United States. “PAAS thanks The Humane Society of the United States for their generous support,” said Kay Stout, director. “With the help of this grant and training, we will make a real and lasting difference for people and pets in underserved areas in Vinita.” “PAAS has demonstrated an impressive initiative to bring pet care resources and services that are...

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Our Personal Doggie Day Care

In the corporate world, as a consultant, I learned the importance of the little things that will keep a good employee or send them running out the door. My first mentor told me to keep a jar filled with candy (mostly chocolate) on my desk, with a chair nearby. Why? Because an employee will come in, sit down to open some of the candy and eventually tell you what’s bugging them. Over the years, I’ve spent thousands of dollars on chocolate and it has been the best employee investment I’ve ever made. PAAS is fortunate to have a beautiful building to house the animals waiting to find their forever homes. I also quickly figured out one of the perks for my employees was to let them bring their pet to the office. It makes for fun times and a chance to decompress. Many companies today have learned the value of pets in the workplace, 20 years ago it was a complete no-no. Picture a beautiful chocolate lab who loves to grumble (never growl), waits patiently for treats, is exceedingly patient with pesky dogs and, no matter what, leaves a smile on your face when you see him. Next comes a hyper, young, dog who’s main goal at this point is to cause some trouble, pester the begeebies out of everyone, and in general make you laugh at his antics....

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