The Dog Days of Summer are miserable. Yes – – it’s hot; No – there’s no wind; Yes – – there’s no rain in sight; No – we can’t change it.

Dogs days of summer in Oklahoma

The really awful Dog Days of Summer isn’t any of the above. It’s the tsunami of calls from rescues, shelters and individuals who have dogs – – lots and lots of dogs – – and they don’t want them anymore.

I can’t tell you how many times our phone has rung this week with someone who’s had a dog for years and now needs to surrender it ASAP, adopted a dog a few months ago and is just too busy to give it the time/attention it needs – – and, lastly, the rescues/shelters that are our partners.

They’re full to bursting at the seams.

And – – for us – – that’s not including the 134 dogs who left Oklahoma (from PAAS) in the month of July.

We have great partners who bring us wonderful dogs every week for transfer, primarily, to Dumb Friends League in Colorado.

When you’re reading this, 27 dogs will have arrived in Denver at Dumb Friends League and within a few days they will be living the good life with in their new home.

We never imagined we would be able to save the lives of hundreds of dogs each year.

It is a good feeling.

The sad part, though, is the homes are out-of- state because that’s where the demand is. Boy, oh boy, we have the supply.

Yes, the Dog Days of Summer are here; it isn’t heat, lack of rain or no wind; it’s dogs, dogs and more dogs.