A long time ago, in a far away land, Hans Christian Andersen wrote The Emperor Has New Clothes.

If you didn’t read it, or forgot, the lesson was do not be fooled by others.

Animal rescue don't be fooled

It took a little boy to point out the emperor had no clothes, the adults were afraid to speak out.

Today, we have Facebook.

There are no secrets, what you write can be shared around the world in minutes – good, bad, true or false.

In rescue, even with secret groups and closed groups, some people still believe not everyone can see what they write – good luck.

The Emperor was seen walking in a parade (with no clothes), because he believed what everyone was telling him – – his new clothing was the finest, blah blah blah.

Too often in rescue a story gets started, takes wings, flies all over the internet and there is little, if any, truth to it.

People’s lives are damaged, animals become the victims and relationships are broken.

All the people in The Emperor’s Court told each other the emperor was beautifully clothed – but it wasn’t true.

Same thing happens on Facebook.

Lots of people may write about it, share it, and comment – but it just may not be true.

I’ve found this especially true with pictures of children in hospitals.

If you follow the thread back to its origin – the picture was lifted from another source and then shared, with misinformation, by someone who seems to delight in posting sad pictures.

So, before you immediately jump to a conclusion, bash someone, or pass on a story or picture. STOP!!! Check the facts, breathe and wait for awhile.

You may be spreading something that isn’t true and, in the process, cause a great deal of unnecessary pain to an organization or person.

The Emperor truly had no clothes – – and often the Facebook post is the complete truth.