2016 PAAS Year in Review
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Welcome To PAAS!

The Peaceful Animal Adoption Shelter (PAAS) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization based in Vinita Oklahoma created to assist in finding permanent, loving homes for rescued animals.

PAAS Vinita is not just another animal shelter...we offer a variety of services related to the intake, care, and processing of abandoned, stray, and unwanted pets in our communities.

We also provide a place for education to proper pet care, small animal resources, provide events, host events, and offer a place where people who want to make a difference can volunteer.

For questions about adopting a pet, caring for your pet, becoming a foster parent, our adoption events, or returning any pet that has been previously adopted from PAAS Vinita, please contact us at (918) 256-7227.

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The Latest From The Director

Puppies, Puppies and More Puppies

Let me set the stage. Our momma dog/puppy fosters are: Tom/Vicki and Candy/Sarah. They are an awesome team and, because of their dedication, momma dogs have a quiet place to give birth, nurse, teach, train and love on their puppies. Here’s an excerpt from one of Vicki’s posts on Facebook. We have quite a menagerie […]


Our Grand Opening in 2015

No, the year isn’t wrong. It was April 18, 2015 when the Peaceful Animal Adoption Shelter opened its doors to the public. Petey was the symbol of what went wrong and why changes needed to be made. When he lost his life it was the catalyst that led to action. Today – almost two years […]


Great Advice On Dealing With The Public

Wait on the public for one year – that should be a requirement for every student. My parents owned a grocery store, with the post office in the back corner. Small town in rural Wyoming. Waiting on the public was crucial to our survival. In rescue, all too often, we forget how to work with […]


Justice, Second Chance And A New Start

If you can trust/believe what you read in the newspaper, it seems our elected officials have decided to listen to their supporters. The two Justice Reform bills passed and for awhile it looked as though what we’d voted for might be ignored. Justice Reform has worked in other states, municipalities and, believe it or not, […]


It Takes A Winning Team During March Madness

We’re in the middle of March Madness – – for all those who follow college basketball. So many times, there’s a Cinderella team that comes from nowhere and makes it to the Final Four – – ie Butler a few years ago. PAAS has a winning team that is second to none. Their official titles […]